Bush Represents Ohio and Country

I was recently voted to the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Board — a board of 15 members representing America’s corn industry charged with implementing the policies that guide the organization to best serve U.S. corn farmers.

Though I’ve already worked closely with the board because of my role as an NCGA Public Policy Action Team chairman, I now have more of a say. My role as a board member puts me at the forefront of the information loop — I’m in the direct line of exchange.

I’m proud to expand my service as a passionate, dedicated ambassador representing Ohio and countrywide farmers on this national platform. I take my job as a grower leader very seriously.

Currently, our industry’s three top priorities are the Farm Bill, preserving the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and working toward practical water-quality initiatives.

First and foremost is the Farm Bill. We’re working toward achieving crop insurance policies that are market-oriented to spend taxpayer money wisely and showcase the agriculture industry in the best light. We’re all aware of the legislation’s ongoing challenges and are hopeful that Congress will do its part quickly to pass a new five-year bill.

The drought brought cynical attention to ethanol. Some people mistakenly believe that we don’t have enough corn to divert to producing fuel. We’re doing our best to educate legislators, consumers and the media about the truths of America’s corn supply and the logistics of the RFS —the federally mandated legislation that promotes the development, commercialization and use of domestically produced renewable fuels including the use of 16 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol — to counter these inaccuracies.

Lastly, we’re staying informed about water-quality policies that may detrimentally affect farming practices. We’re cooperating with state and federal groups to act as stewards of the land, and OCWGA has even proactively engaged in sponsoring studies to promote continuing education.

For the next three years, I look forward to being your voice and serving the best interests of the corn industry.

OCWGA welcomes your questions/comments about or related to our work to support and advance the Ohio grain industry. If you’re interested in joining OCWGA, please contact us.

— Anthony Bush

OCWGA Vice President

NCGA Board Member


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