Board Retreat Positions OCWGA for Advancement

Too often, the agricultural world is stuck reacting and pushing back against the crisis of the day instead of staying ahead of the curve to focus on our long-term goals.  With this in mind, the 2012 Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association (OCWGA) board of directors convened January 23 and 24 to review and discuss the organization’s culture, processes and execution for the immediate year and for the association’s enduring future.

The OCWGA Board comprises growers who are elected by their peers and are responsible for the decision-making and oversight of OCWGA’s efforts as they relate to the advancement of domestic and international issues that affect the success of Ohio’s corn and wheat farmers.

The retreat started with a discussion about board-member responsibilities while reflecting on the public perceptions of each commodity industry, before diving into deeper discussions about how to be at the forefront of issues and embrace opportunities to ensure the profitability and success of our grain farms.

Working sessions included policy setting using a grassroots approach and how we can better determine the priorities beyond the obvious 2012 issues of the Farm Bill or the Renewable Fuel Standard.

While the board demonstrated a passion and eagerness for a productive year focused on these very important issues, they also renewed their commitment to achieving long-term policy objectives and goal setting supported by aggressive media-relations efforts.

2012 Strategies

  • Be more proactive instead of reactive
  • Anticipate long-term challenges and opportunities for corn & wheat growers
  • Set the course to prepare and take advantage of future challenges and opportunities
  • Pre-emptive media-relations efforts
  • Instill more responsibility in board governance

The two-day event concluded on a high note and promised to lead OCWGA in a progressive direction. While questions remain about how these broad and lofty goals will be best achieved, it is heartening to know that such a dedicated and forward-thinking group is ready for the task.

We welcome your questions/comments about or related to our work to support and advance the Ohio grain industry. If you’re interested in joining OCWGA, please contact us.


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