Farm Bill Finale?

We’re inching hurriedly closer to the establishment of the 2012 Farm Bill, but not without complicated negotiation factors and implications for final deliberations.

“We are undertaking a monumental shift in federal farm policy,” said Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich.

To help offset the federal deficit, it has been recommended that current Farm Bill programs experience a $23-billion reduction throughout 10 years — $15 billion from the commodity title and $4 billion each from the U.S. conservation and nutrition titles — while still expected to maintain viable programs for our nation’s food, feed, fuel and fiber producers that are law for at least five years.

As food producers, and therefore, stakeholders of national agricultural policies, it’s vital to be aware of and knowledgeable about Farm Bill proceedings.

What to know:

  • Leaders of the Senate and House agriculture committees are attempting to insert the Farm Bill into the deficit supercommittee’s negotiations that would go for an up-or-down vote by Congress without amendment (becomes law without debate)
  • Ag committee leaders are scheduled to have their package finalized and delivered Nov. 1
  • If the supercommittee fails to agree to the plan or a revised version, farm policy may revert to the agriculture committees

OCWGA recommendations remain that the bill should:

  • Be fiscally responsible
  • Be publicly accountable
  • Maintain a strong safety net
  • Be revenue-based
  • Be effective for all geographic areas
  • Adjust to volatile and dynamic global markets
  • Manage risks that are beyond operator control

As the bill continues to develop, OCWGA will stay updated and active about voicing our beliefs about policy direction that’s in the best interest of our state corn and wheat growers.

We welcome your questions/comments about or related to our work to support and advance the Ohio grain industry. If you’re interested in joining OCWGA, please contact us.


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