Farm Bill Reform Starts Now

Congressional hearings about the next Farm Bill are already underway, and Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association (OCWGA) is actively advocating for reform with target state and federal legislators.

The newly inaugurated 112th Congress will map the course of agricultural policy in the coming years.

As the administration makes decisions about the success of America’s corn and wheat markets, OCWGA supports regulations that advance each commodity’s financial potential, with respect to the environment and sustainable farming methods.

Recognizing the vital role of the American farmer, the federal government has historically provided a safety net to consumers to preserve food security and to growers to protect against market volatility and other operational challenges.

OCWGA recently developed guiding principles for Farm-Bill policy development:

To balance the budget, we believe that the U.S. government should reduce spending to result in a reduction of the federal debt.

  • We believe that inefficient spending should be eliminated in all sectors of the U.S. economy.

We believe that the Farm Bill should provide an affordable revenue-based safety net for producers that triggers only when a revenue loss occurs and does not guarantee a profit.

We believe that the Farm Bill should allow for enhanced market opportunities.

We believe that a safety net is defined as risk-management tools available to producers that have the ability to protect against revenue losses because of circumstances beyond their control.

We believe that a transitioning of direct payments into programs that allow producers the ability to manage risk while assuring food security must be investigated.

Federal policies should ensure:

  • Access to world markets
  • Access to capital
  • Access to advances of technology
  • Risk management

We support a program that:

  • Allows farmers to make business and planting decisions based on market forces
  • Allows market forces to determine supply rather than government decision making
  • Strengthens and simplifies Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) program, a revenue-based program

We welcome any questions or comments about our suggested policies for the future Farm Bill. If you’re interested in participating in OCWGA’s Farm-Bill efforts, please contact us.


One Response to “Farm Bill Reform Starts Now”

  1. Bart Says:

    Way to take the lead OCWGA. If more special interest groups would step up and be part of the solution instead of “protecting” their program this country would be back on the right track quickly.

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