Leadership Academy Ignites “Agvocates”

Who better to tell the notable stories of the Ohio corn and wheat industries than its farmers?

Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association (OCWGA) recently hosted the second meeting of our first annual Ohio Grains Leadership Academy (OGLA) – A two-part, multi-day program that immerses select members of OCWGA in education sessions to help them learn how to best communicate industry messages to the public and to the media.

The goal of the program is to mentor and develop the voices of our grain growers to represent and promote Ohio’s No. 1 industry – agriculture.

The distance between the farmer and consumer continues to expand each year, as another generation of people enters the world lacking farming knowledge and understanding. It’s becoming increasingly important to help bridge the disconnect between farm-industry members and all others.

Our hope is to foster future board or committee members, but most importantly, mold “Agvocates” to be positive influences and representatives within their communities and throughout the state. If we don’t speak up about the significance and value of the family farm, who will?

This session’s primary focus was a lesson about how to best communicate with consumers and media to deliver messaging about state and federal issues that impact Ohio’s corn and wheat industries.

The session also gave attendees the opportunity to meet their state representatives, hear comments from our Ohio Agricultural Director Jim Zehringer, visit the Ohio Statehouse and Ohio Supreme Court and listen to various state regulators.

The Leadership Academy will continue annually, as we’ll always need leaders ready to be engaged in the process to help with issues that affect the viability and sustainability of the farm.

OGLA attendants left the program better educated and re-energized to spread positive messages about current and pending issues that affect their and their fellow farmers’ profitability.

If you’re interested in becoming involved with OCWGA, please contact us. We’d love your contribution and support.

We look forward to Advancing Ohio Grains.


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